Chapter 6: Getting Data from Browsers

237Getting Query String Data
239Handling Missing Data
241Validating Query String Data
243Showing Error For Invalid Query String Data
245Example of an XSS Attack
247Escaping Characters with htmlspecialchars()
247Escaping Characters with Custom Function
251Collecting Form Data
253Check if Form Submitted Using HTTP POST
253Check if Form Submitted Using HTTP GET
255Validate Number Range
257Validate Text Length
259Validate Password
261Validate Options
263Validate Checkboxes
267Validate Multiple Form Controls
269Collecting Data with filter_input()
269Collecting Data with filter_input_array()
273Validate Input with filter_input()
275Validate Input with filter_input_array()
277Validate Variables with with filter_var_array()
281Sanitization Filters
283Validate Form Using Filters